Webinar – Leverage Zero Trust Security to Minimize Your Attack Surface

Webinar – Leverage Zero Trust Security to Minimize Your Attack Surface

Jan 08, 2024NewsroomCyber Security / Zero Trust

Digital expansion inevitably increases the external attack surface, making you susceptible to cyberthreats. Threat actors increasingly exploit the vulnerabilities stemming from software and infrastructure exposed to the internet; this ironically includes security tools, particularly firewalls and VPNs, which give attackers direct network access to execute their attacks. In fact, Gartner identified attack surface expansion as a major trend to watch.

So, it is not surprising that External Attack Surface Management (EASM) is a growing priority for organizations. But traditional castle-and-moat-based security architectures are ineffective at protecting enterprises against today’s sophisticated attacks, which increasingly leverage AI and as-a-service models to maximize speed and damage.

Zero trust security is the best way to minimize the attack surface, prevent compromise, eliminate lateral movement, and stop data loss.

Register here and join Apoorva Ravikrishnan, Senior Manager of Product Marketing, to learn:

  • The most prominent trends in today’s attack landscape
  • How attackers discover and exploit infrastructure as part of their attack sequence
  • How to leverage zero trust security to minimize your attack surface

Leverage Zero Trust Security to Minimize your Attack Surface

Ready to harness the power of zero trust security to minimize your organization’s attack surface? Join our insightful webinar with Zscaler to learn how to tackle an ever-evolving attack surface.

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Why attend?

This will not be the first time you might have come across a webinar on minimizing the attack surface. Shadow IT, public cloud web apps, increased usage of open source code, unsecured servers running RDP/VNC/SSH/Telnet/SNMP, IoT systems with legacy services, TLS/SSL misconfigurations, and vulnerable remote access systems like VPNs – all increase the attack surface. In truth, many of you would be thinking about reducing your attack surface daily. However, this is an excellent opportunity to hear about how even security tools such as VPNs and Firewalls increase your attack surface and what you can do about it.

  • Understand how to take control of your digital footprint to reduce your external attack surface.
  • Get to know why traditional security architecture is not built for digital transformation.
  • Understand more about User-to-App segmentation for granular access and risk reduction.
  • Get actionable insights from Zscaler – the world’s largest security cloud and a pioneer in Zero Trust architecture.

Tap into our security expertise to learn more about leveraging Zero Trust to minimize attack surfaces and keep your data, applications, and users secure. Register for the webinar here.

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