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India ranks 10th in cybercrime as per the recent “World Cybercrime Index”

In the recently released “World Cybercrime Index” India is now the 10th country with resptect to the number of cyber crimes or offenses executed from March to October 2021. The crimes considered in the survey included cyber frauds like malware, ransomware, data and identity theft apart from hacking and other malicious programs. The leading countries in the list includes Ukraine, Nigeria, US, Russia, China and Romania.

A Bengaluru woman falls victim to what now is called as FedEx Scam

Disturbing news comes from Bengaluru where imposters pretending to be FedEx representatives defrauded a woman of a staggering ₹10 lakh. The scam took a horrific turn when the woman was pressured into stripping on camera as part of the false investigation related to a parcel registered under her name, which they claimed contained illegal substances and passports. The terrified woman complied, but the footage was likely intended for blackmail. This incident serves as a stark reminder of the dangers lurking online and the importance of caution when dealing with unsolicited contacts claiming to be from courier companies.

IPS officer’s photos and identity used for frauds and extortion calls

In startling chain of events IPS officer Manish Shankar Sharma faced cyber fraud exploitation of people under his fake identity. An internationally honored officer of the MP cadre was notified about fraudsters using his identity to defraud people. The criminals used the officer’s identity that includes his publicly available images to threaten people in false incidences and cases.

A man from Navi Mumbai lost Rs. 45.69 lakh to cyber fraud in a share trading scam.

Someone in Navi Mumbai was tricked online. The tricksters convinced him to invest a lot of money (over 45 lakh rupees) by promising high returns from the share market. They contacted him through social media, pretending to be investment advisors. The man never got any returns on his investment, so he reported the crime to the Navi Mumbai cyber cell.

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