Top 5 Cyber News of the Week

Top 5 Cyber News of the Week

Checked your Security and Privacy Score Lately? Discover the latest news from the digital world around you with a Quick line up of the top 5!

Trading Fraud Alert!

Exploiting the allure of stock market investments, cyber fraudsters recently targeted unsuspecting victims through a trading scam. In November 2023, the Hyderabad Cyber Crime Police arrested five individuals associated with this fraudulent activity. The accused, posing as investment advisors, convinced a Hyderabad resident to invest in the stock market through a company named Unity Stocks. Subsequently, the victim was manipulated into depositing funds on various stock market and gaming websites, such as Dafabet, Unity Exchange, T20 IPL, with the promise of minimum 30% returns after holding the investment for six months. This incident sheds light on the deceptive tactics employed by fraudsters using investment scams to trap innocent individuals. Find out the details – 5 Arrested For Duping Hyderabad Woman Of Rs 3 Crore In Trading Fraud

Beware! You could be under Digital Arrest !

The UP Police initiated an investigation following a complaint from a Noida resident who fell victim to ‘digital arrest fraud,’ losing over INR 11 lakh. In this emerging trend, criminals impersonated police officials, including an alleged IPS officer from the CBI and the founder of a defunct airline. The victim was ensnared in a fictitious money-laundering case. A similar incident in Faridabad, Haryana, involved criminals posing as authorities who coerced the victim to stay online via Skype, falsely accusing her of illegal activities. These cases underscore the need for online awareness and vigilance to stay safe from evolving cyber threats. Read – New cyber crime: Noida logs first case of ‘digital arrest’, woman duped of over Rs 11 lakh

Mobile Phone Operators in Trouble

The government is actively taking action against mobile phone operators due to the rise in pesky calls and financial frauds. This initiative aims to recover stolen amounts targeted by cybercriminals. As part of this effort, the government is disconnecting 55.5 lakh mobile connections acquired through the use of fake documents. This stringent measure not only addresses the immediate threat of financial frauds but also serves as a preventative step to curb fraudulent activities associated with mobile connections, reinforcing security measures and protecting users from potential cyber threats. Full report –

65 Websites, 2 Million Emails stolen

Group-IB researchers have identified a major attack by the ResumeLotters group, active between November and December 2023. Successfully targeting 65 websites, the campaign stole over two million unique emails using SQL injection and Cross-Site Scripting attacks on recruitment and retail sites in the Asia-Pacific region. Another reason for digital citizens to stay vigilant, as awareness of these tactics is vital for enhancing cybersecurity and safeguarding sensitive information online. Full Report – ResumeLooters Steal Millions of Unique Emails from Multiple Sites | Cyware Alerts – Hacker News

Microsoft Teams Chat Group at Risk!

AT&T researchers have discovered a phishing attack exploiting Microsoft Teams chat groups to distribute DarkGate malware. Using a deceptive domain, attackers sent over 1,000 malicious Teams group chat invites, convincing users to download a file with a misleading double extension (‘Navigating Future Changes October 2023.pdf.msi’). This triggered malware downloads, with the threat receiving commands from the command-and-control server at hgfdytrywq[.]com. Teams users should remain vigilant due to this threat, being cautious of suspicious chat invitations and deceptive file downloads to safeguard their systems. More – DarkGate Malware Delivered via Microsoft Teams | Cyware Alerts – Hacker News

In Conclusion

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