is safe browsing really the need of the hour?

safe browsing

Many cyber threats lurk in the dark as you browse and transact online — from banking to shopping to food delivery. Cyber attackers are always on the lookout for their next victims!
But, do Cybercriminals target only organizations? Not really. They target individuals too. What you need is an assurance of safe browsing and banking.

For example, in 2023, you may also have encountered a fake IRCTC app that masked itself as the official app. This app was found spying on users, stealing their Google and Facebook credentials, tracking GPS, and even recording videos, according to the India Cyber Threat Report.
Another report by the Economic Times revealed that many victims were lured into the work-from-home scam and were initially paid small amounts to gain trust. But when they failed to meet a specified target, they were penalized and while sending money to the frauds the scammers gained access to their bank accounts resulting in huge loss of money.
These are a few cyber threats that have made it into the news over the last few years. Let us discuss some common threats that you must steer clear of.

What are the Prominent Cyber Threats Prying on You?

If you are worried about digital wellness and safe banking in today’s world, you are not alone! But you may be relieved to know that understanding internet safety by being aware of the prominent cyber threats lurking in the corner will help make your online experience safer.
Some of these include:

  • Phishing: How often have you encountered malicious links on messaging or mailing platforms and were lured to click on them? This is a common cyber threat known as Phishing. MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication) fatigue attack is a cyber threat that uses your stolen credentials obtained from phishing links you might have accidentally clicked.
  • Password Attack: Here, cybercriminals will try to gain access to your login credentials to an account, and use them to steal data or impersonate you on the internet.
  • Social Engineering: This is a prevalent and important threat where attackers on social media platforms will gain your trust by using psychological manipulation to collect sensitive information.
  • Deepfakes: Would you consider doing an online transaction with an individual based on voice familiarity or images? You may want to be sure who is on the other side as AI-generated voices and videos can very closely imitate real individuals, making it easy for attackers to cheat you.

How to Strengthen Your Online Activity with Safe Browsing?

Although installing strong antivirus software protects you from digital attacks and makes your browsing experience safe, you must follow some rules to have a safe digital experience.
Here are a few best practices you must follow to ensure your online security:

  • The use of AI in voice and image processing has made it easy for cyber scammers who can pose as anyone before making any transactions verify who is at the other end even though they seem authentic.
  • Do not open links or download files from unknown sources especially when they are too attractive or have unreasonable offers.
  • Do not reveal your data or credentials to anyone you do not know or trust.
  • Install a reliable and robust antivirus like QuickHeal Total Security that can protect you against evolving cyber threats. Remember to regularly update the antivirus.
  • Never fall for social media schemes that look too good to be true like a job offer or easy money.

Your Saviour from Cyber Threats – Antivirus

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