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security and privacy score

A score is a denomination of our well-being about a particular aspect.

For example, a CIBIL score is a three-digit number that indicates your creditworthiness and ranges from 300 to 900. A score of 900 indicates the highest level of creditworthiness. A score above 700 is generally considered good. And if your score falls around 600 or below getting loans or credits will become difficult for you. But wait you do even get fair chance to improve as customised steps can be taken based on the scores to help us progress further.

Now while we are considering the creditworthiness and security on the financial front what about the creditworthiness and security of your device on the digital front? Afterall most of our financial transactions happen on these devices.

Then worry not you now have a measurable criterion to check the vulnerability and security of your device on the digital front.

Quick Heal antivirus has come up with Security and Privacy Score and here is what you need to know about them:

At Quick Heal, we have been dedicated to simplifying cyber security for our customers for the last 3 decades, and with time we have seen that a one-size-fits-all approach is not effective enough. With version 24 release, we have revolutionized how to create a custom cyber security fit to suit your digital needs. With the security and privacy score, you are indicated not just of the security of your device but even indicated if the private data in your device is safe and secured.

Let us take you through some aspects of exactly how we’ve tried to make antivirus more empowering for you-

Quick Heal has introduced a concept of Security Score which looks at your digital behaviour & recommends you to consider certain actions that will make your devices and digital experience more secure.


At the bottom of the screen, you will find recommendations and actions. These recommendations and actions are linked to the improvement of the security score of your deviceSecurity Score


But just securing your device is not enough, today the biggest threat a digital consumer faces is that of data- i.e. your personal data or information; which very often may seem inconsequential but are of great value to cybercriminals.

Quick Heal’s newly introduced Privacy Score gives you tips to ensure your identity remains protected and your privacy is intact in the digital world.

data privacy score

Both these scores are completely interactive in nature and are designed to give you personalized risk assessment and suggest tips to reduce this risk. Think of these tips as guidelines to ensure your digital well-being. So that you can enjoy your digital adventures without any fear.

Taking Control of Your Digital Wellbeing

Just like a high credit score unlocks financial opportunities, a strong Security Score and Privacy Score empower you to navigate the digital world with confidence. Quick Heal’s innovative scoring system goes beyond basic protection, providing actionable insights to secure your digital well-being.

Remember, these scores are your personalized roadmap to a safer, more secure online experience. Embrace the recommendations, explore the tips, and watch your scores soar. With Quick Heal by your side, you can conquer the digital world with peace of mind, knowing you have the tools and knowledge to stay a step ahead of cyber threats.

Ready to unlock your digital potential?

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